Beer In Ads #772: Americans Are Going To Eat Better .. Feel Better .. Look Better

Tuesday’s ad, the first for 2013, is for Budweiser, from 1945, when World War 2 was at its end and optimism was running high. This one is also quite remarkable, and te text-heavy ad argues that the laboratories of Anheuser-Busch during the war have done great thinks to combat that other scourge of the age; malnutrition. The message is clear. Do your duty and drink Bud, so they can continue their nutritional research. Thank you A-B.


Beer In Art Reboot

Once upon a time — okay, a couple of years ago — each Sunday I posted a work of art featuring beer or some aspect of brewing in my Beer in Art series. Sunday got increasingly busy with the family and it was taking a long time to research each artwork, so I quietly migrated the project to a Tumblr blog, also named Beer in Art. It’s been going strong ever since, and every day, not weekly, I post a new work of beer-themed art. The trade-off is that there isn’t as much information about each piece, but the advantage is more art, seven times as much to be exact. There’s nearly two year’s worth of daily art already there in the archives, stretching back to February 2011, when I made the switch.

For example, today’s work is by Robin Casey, a California artist, and is appropriately titled “Ring in the New Year … with Beer!” The art runs the gambit from old, traditional works to modern, abstract takes, along with artistic advertising and illustration, clever doodles and t-shirt art, amateur and professional works, from all over the globe, using paint, sculpture and a digital paintbrush; really anything that uses beer or beer’s ingredients as, or in, a work of art. Check it out every day, around Noon, for a new Beer in Art masterpiece.