Beer In Ads #793: Biere Paillette

Wednesday’s ad is another one for Biere Paillette, from Brasserie Paillette in Le Havre, Seine-Maritime, France. This one shows a woman with a beer in her hand, sitting on a wooden cask and floating high above an ocean sunrise (or is that sun setting?), with a large ocean liner coming toward us full steam ahead. What does all this imagery mean? I haven’t a clue. Does anyone?


Malt Liquor’s Checkered Past

Here’s an interesting article, a lengthy, in-depth piece by Kihm Winship entitled Malt Liquor: A History. This is not the first time he’s written about malt liquor. In 2005, he did an article for All About Beer magazine with similar themes, entitled A Story without Heroes: The Cautionary Tale of Malt Liquor. They’re both worth a read, though you may need a drink afterwards, so keep 40 ounces of something handy.