Beer Birthday: Daniel Bradford

Today is the 63rd birthday of Daniel Bradford. Daniel is the publisher of All About Beer magazine. He’s been involved in the beer world for many a year, from the early days of GABF to the Brewers Association of America, which a few years ago merged with the Association of Brewers to become the Brewers Association. Join me in wishing Daniel a very happy birthday.

Daniel Bradford at the far left, with Amy Dalton in between Jim Koch and Rick Lyke, at a Boston Beer Brunch during GABF a few years ago.

Daniel with Julie Johnson Bradford with Amy Dalton at the 2007 Craft Brewers Conference in Austin, Texas.

Daniel Bradford & Dan Carey @ Rare Beer Tasting
Daniel with Dan Carey, from new Glarus, at Rick Lyke’s Rare Beer Tasting that took place at Wynkoop during the 2009 GABF.

With Jim Cline, from Rogue, at the NBWA Convention in San Francisco 2008.

Beer In Ads #875: Pabst Fish Fry

Monday’s ad is for Pabst Blue Ribbon, from 1954. It’s from their “What’ll You Have” series,and this one shows three recently caught fish frying in a pan on the grill. Is is me or is that bucket of ice that the beer is cooling in a little close to the flame? That ice is going to melt pretty quickly.


Beer Birthday: Pat McIllhenney

Today is the 59th birthday of Pat McIllhenney, brewmaster and owner Alpine Beer Co. near San Diego. Pat makes some amazing hoppy beers. Unfortunately, his beers are hard to find up our way, but rumor has it he’s building a bigger brewery to solve that problem. Join me in wishing Pat a very happy birthday.

Pat manning his booth.

Pat at GABF in 2008.

Pat at the Boonville Beer Festival in 2008.

Pat with Tomme Arthur at the inaugural Firestone Walker Invitational last year.

Beer Birthday: Abram Goldman-Armstrong

Today is the 35th birthday of Abram Goldman-Armstrong, a Portland-based beer writer who does a column for Northwest Brewing News and also writes online at Brewsville. Abe also is the organizer of the North American Organic Brewers Festival and by day works in construction. When Abe was writing for the Celebrator Beer News several years back, during GABF we spent an evening drinking out and about the city eventually ending up at the Denver Diner, during which time I discovered I’d spent the entire evening calling him by the wrong name — d’oh. Anyway, join me in wishing Abe a very happy birthday.

Abe Goldman-Armstrong as Beer Patrol Man
As “Beer Patrol Man” at the 2009 OBF Parade.

Abe & Ed Bennett
With Ed Bennett at the OBF Parade, also in 2009.

Abe’s also a big fan of the local soccer team, the Portland Timbers, and recently appeared on a billboard for the team as they joined the MLS a couple of years ago.

Beer Birthday: John Maier

Today is John Maier’s 58th birthday. John has been the head brewer at Rogue Ales for as long as I can remember. He’s won countless awards, pioneered numerous new styles and been instrumental in the rise of the Pacific Northwest’s beer scene. Join me in wishing John a very happy birthday.

At the Sasquatch Beer Festival. John Maier, sandwiched by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge, both from Ninkasi Brewing.

Rogue owner Jack Joyce, Portland Mayor Potter and John pose for photos at the opening of the Oregon Brewers Festival in 2007.

John at the Brew Am gold tourney three years ago. Photo courtesy of Bob Brewer, from his Picasa gallery.

A portrait of John at Rogue by Gregg Hinlicky.