Bistro IPA Festival Winners 2013

For the third straight year I missed the Bistro IPA Festival, even with them moving it from its usual August date to today. Happily, owner Vic Kralj was again kind enough to send me the list of the winners. Carlsbad Raceway IPA, from Pizza Port in Carlsbad, near San Diego, was chosen best in show at the 16th annual IPA Festival today at the Bistro in Hayward, California. The full list of winners is below.

Solo Cup Serving Suggestions

Today’s infographic is something of a coincidence. In the summer of last year, some unknown person posted the graphic below showing what they believed the lines around those ubiquitous red Solo cups you find at countless parties might mean.

Click here to see this only a little bit bigger.

And it was fairly compelling, but the Solo company said it was not intentional. According to Business Insider, “It turns out that while Solo Cup lines match up pretty closely with appropriate servings for beer, wine and liquor, they aren’t really meant for that. It’s just Solo Cup folklore.” Solo also posted their own infographic on their Facebook page, with alternate suggestions for what the lines could be used for, perhaps preferring not to have them associated exclusive;y with alcohol.

Click here to see Solo’s rebuttal graphic full size.