Beer In Ads #841: What Made Milwaukee Change To Blatz?

Tuesday’s ad is for Blatz, from 1953. Apparently Milwaukee in olden days had Sousaphone players wearing Lederhosen serenading restaurant diners but nowadays, thanks to Blatz, it’s a violinist. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I actually love a good oompah band. I also have to wonder. How did they fill two pilsner glasses with only one bottle of beer?


Pete’s Landscape of Beers

Today’s infographic is the second of three similar charts that Pete Slosberg created for Pete’s Wicked Ales. It also shows popular beer styles (remember this was the late 80s) and where they fell on an x/y axis spectrum, and also includes color along one additional axis. It was one of the first great educational tools for explaining the variation in different beers, something that most people didn’t know anything about back then.

Click here to see the chart full size.