Beer In Ads #946: Finest Beer Served … Anywhere!

Friday’s ad is another one for Pabst Blue Ribbon, from 1950. Showing famous tennis player Pancho Gonzales relaxing with a PBR — and wearing the quintessential tennis getup — that he’s sharing with someone courtside in a suit and tie. It looks like Pancho’s pointing at the blurred player serving on the court, perhaps a new prospect?


Beer Menus Infographic

Today’s infographic is the result of an interesting survey asking people about their preferences on Beer Menus. It was created by the North Carolina beer blog Wort & Yeast in early 2012. It may not be entirely scientific, but the results are interesting nonetheless. The majority of people taking the survey prefer their beer menu on paper and organized by style, and the most common complaint is that they’re too often out-of-date.

Click here to see the infographic full size.