Coming Soon — All Big Brewers Owned By Some Corporate Giant

It’s a slow Sunday, but I came across this editorial cartoon by Jeff Danzinger from February of this year. Entitled Coming Soon — All Big Brewers Owned By Some Corporate Giant, it certainly plays on the fears of ever-increasing consolidation in the market, especially internationally. It’s happening in the brewing industry, without a doubt, but perhaps more frightening is that it’s happening in virtually every sector of the marketplace. I especially like the Ballantine-like logo on the wall with the tagline “Drink … Pay … Go Home.” You can see more of Danzinger’s cartoons at his official website.


Drinking And Gambling

Today’s infographic is a little bit suspect. It’s comparing the best and worst payout rates from various countries based on data from the online Castle Casino, who also is responsible for the infographic itself, Drinking Hampers Gameplay. That conclusion comes taking the payout rates and matching them with the average beer consumption per person figures for the same nations. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no correlation between the two. There’s no data to support that the countries that drink more per capita were doing their drinking while they were gambling. So the “moral of the story” is utterly meaningless.

Click here to see the infographic full size.