Nature vs. Nurture As A Cause of Alcoholism

Since I’ve been featuring a new infographic on the Bulletin every day this year, I’ve started getting a number of e-mails from people and companies trying to promote their own sites using infographics, offering them up as potential ones for me to use. I got one today created by Clarity Way, a recovery center in Hanover, Pennsylvania. In reality, this one is a video that uses graphics similar to those found in infographics to tell its story. Perhaps I’m being overly strict, but I think an “infographic” should be a static image, or at a minimum interactive, but starting with a graphic, with info. It’s right there in the name. Still, there’s some interesting info here, though since they’re trying to sell rehab, I think they’ve inflated some of the data. For example, they claim “7 million children live in a household where at least one parent is dependent on or has abused alcohol.” [emphasis added.] Dependent is one thing, but given the modern definition of binge drinking, almost anyone could be said to have “abused alcohol” at least once in their life. Frankly, none of the statistics seem that terrible to me. There’s an equal chance that alcoholism comes from heredity or from your environment, but only 8.3% of people “suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence.” That wording is also odd. You can certainly suffer from alcohol dependence, but how can you be said to suffer from abuse? Have five drinks in a row, and you’ve abused alcohol, according to most health agencies and neo-prohibitionist groups. Remove those people who have ever “abused” alcohol once, or even occasionally but are not dependent on it, and that number, I suspect, would drop precipitously.

Sierra Nevada’s Berkeley “Torpedo Room” To Open In November

Sierra Nevada earlier this year announced they’d be opening in taproom in Berkeley. The new taproom, to be called “The Torpedo Room,” is apparently on track to open this November.


From the press release:

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is targeting early November to open its Berkeley, Calif., space, coined the Torpedo Room. The intimate venue—whose name is inspired by the brewery’s innovative dry-hopping device, the Hop Torpedo—fits into a mixed-use building on Fourth Street between University Avenue and Addison Street. The Torpedo Room can host approximately 45 craft beer drinkers for educational tastings of unique and limited Sierra Nevada beers, as well as the occasional craft-centric event dedicated to beer science.

“Our brewers develop creative, flavorful beers at an impressive pace,” said Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder. “They’re usually small batches, and it’s those beers folks will find in the Torpedo Room. We think it’s exciting—using rare offerings to showcase who we are and to talk about the science behind our beers. We really hope visitors take part in the dialogue.”

The Torpedo Room will feature 16 taps, and draught beer will be served in taster flights. Guests will also have the option of filling growlers to go, as well as purchasing six-packs, cases and individual specialty bottles. Light snacks will accompany beer flights, but there is not a full menu.

“West Berkeley fosters a great, progressive culture,” Grossman said, “and that includes a lot of ambitious food and drink. We’re eager to be part of the Bay Area craft scene while still staying close to our home base in Chico.”

Here’s what the building looks like now.


And these are artist’s renderings of what it will look like when the build-out is complete, from the outside.


And here’s what the interior is expected to look like.