Beer In Ads #1012: Ballantine’s Three-Ring Circus

Monday’s ad is for Ballantine Ale, from 1948. Using the Ballantine logo of three rings in a circus themed ad, this was a typical ad formula during this time period. One oddity: Either that’s a really tiny glass or it’s a nearly bottomless bottle of beer, because the glass is full, but the bottle is still more than two-thirds, possibly as much as three-quarters, full. That’s an impressive bottle. That seems more like a magic trick.


The Big Four’s Regional Breakdowns Compared

Today’s infographic is yet another pair of slides from a Powerpoint presentation on the Beer Industry by Christian Adeler and Jon Bjornstad in 2011. The first shows that worldwide, the beer industry is dominated by four global conglomerates, ABI, Heineken, SABMiller and Carlsberg.


The second slide shows the market share for each of the four companies in the major regions of the world.