Beer In Ads #1021: A Basket Full Of Puppies

Friday’s ad is for Rheingold Beer, from 1953, and features Miss Rheingold from that year, Mary Austin. The ad shows Miss Rheingold on a lawn in front of what looks like a southern mansion (or even the White House? Nah) with a basket full of puppies, and poodles, no less. I’m sure this will fire up the ire of the poodle lovers of the world, but those are some ugly dogs. I’m not sure that scene makes me want a Rheingold beer.


Beer Birthday: Grant Wood

Today is the 51st birthday of Grant Wood, co-founder and brewmaster at Revolver Brewing in Granbury, Texas. For many years, Grant worked at the Boston Beer Co., making Samuel Adams beer, and many of their more experimental offerings, which is where I first got to know him. I knew he’d left to open his own place back home, and he sent me a text at the end of the GABF awards this year inviting me to stop by his booth to see what he’d been up to. NOt surprisingly, what that was is making great beer. All of the beers I tried were terrific and it looks like his new brewery is off to a good start. Join me in wishing Grant a very happy birthday.

Grant with Revolver’s first keg sold.

In case anybody was confused as to what they were doing; that’s Grant on the far left.

Grant back in his Sam Adams’s days two-fisting a pair of Sam Adams Light Beer, before he traded them in for a pair of revolvers. [Note: photos purloined from Facebook.]