A Bud Is A Bud Is A Bud

Oh, I hate to pick on the mainstream media as they cover the world of beer, but this is too delicious not to point out. In a story about the proposed buyout of Grupo Modelo by Anheuser-Busch InBev, entitled The Great Beer Monopoly Deal May Be Back On, the Atlantic features the following photo, which I downloaded in case somebody gets wise and replaces it. And a hat tip to Tom Dalldorf for sending me the link. I guess one Bud’s as good as another. Can I assume I don’t have to draw a diagram?



  1. says

    Now that’s funny. I have a pic of a real Budweiser Budvar bottle on my desktop at work (my daughter smuggled it in from Czech when she was there) and every so often someone asks “That’s a funny looking bottle. What kind of Budweiser is that?” So I tell them – “The good one!”

  2. Jason says

    Oh, that is a good catch. Hillarious!!! Even better then the articles about the craft beer boom featuring pictures of Blue Moon bottles.

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