Beer In Ads #1224: Just The Kiss Of The Hopfields

Monday’s ad is Schlitz, from 1946. This ad is from Schlitz’s long-running “Just the kiss of the hops …” campaign. Even though it’s an illustration, I love the idea of the hop cone seen through the glass of beer. I’ll have to try that as a photograph this harvest time.



  1. Beerman49 says

    Jay – If my visual perspecitve is correct, that hop cone is behind the glass, not in it – hop cones are so light that it would be extremely difficlult to force a glass of beer up & over one hanging from the vine..

    However, you may have inspired (inadvertently) a fad to come – floatng a hop cone on top of a pint (which will sink once the capilarry effect saturates it w/beer & causes a gradual sinking).

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