Beer In Ads #1231: Plane Sailing For Lindy …

Monday’s ad is for Pickwick Ale & Stout, from the 1920s. Brewed by Haffenreffer & Co. (a.k.a. the Haffenreffer Brewery) of Boston, Massachusetts, the spot where the brewery used to be in Jamaica Plain is where the Boston Beer Co. today operates a Samuel Adams Brewery. The Lindy in the ad’s headline is a reference to Charles Lindbergh and his famous solo flight to France, which took place in 1927, smack dab in the middle of Prohibition. So I suspect that ad might possibly be a few years older than most sources claim. The beer bottle calls the beer “Pickwick Pale,” but the neck label reads “Extra Pale Pickwick.” Also, it reads Haffenreffer across the middle of label, but just below that is “New England B’w’g Co.” and below that “N.E. Breweries Co. Ltd.” of “London E.C. England.” So that’s a lot of confusion on one beer bottle. I do love the tagline at the bottom, though: “The Tang of Good Old Ale.”


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