Beer In Ads #1255: 7th Inning Schlitzstretch

Thursday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1957. Given we’re in the middle of the all-star break, I figured a “7th Inning Schlitzerstretch” might be in order. It’s subtitled “How Cheering Raises A Schlitzthirst.” I confess I love the Schlitzerland ad campaign, especially the illustrations. “Be a Schlitzer.” Wouldn’t you like to be a Schlitzer, too?



  1. Gary Gillman says

    Light, light, light … refreshing … today’s Schlitz (implying alteration of the formula…[not] feeling full…: these and other statements in this cute ad are all pointing to the same message: the product does not obtrude in flavor, won’t bloat you, is something to latch on to other activities rather than be considered on its own terms. I’d love to do a Back To The Future where we drop in on the mid-1950’s marketers, brewmasters and ad writers who came up with all this and say: would you envisage a day when all-malt, well-hopped ales will become a connoisseur beer drink , as will 7 and 8% “double” IPAs, and black 12% ABV stouts tasting of whiskey and smoke? Surely they would think it crazy that a day like that could ever come.

    There must be people still living who worked in or for the beer industry in the mid-50’s and I wonder how they would answer that question.


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