Beer In Ads #1256: The Real Joy Of Good Living …

Saturday’s ad is for Schlitz, this time from 1959. It originally ran in Ebony magazine, showing a handsome looking couple behind what’s either an incredibly beautiful sunset or a fake backdrop, I can’t quite tell which.



  1. Beerman49 says

    Understand your confusion, Jay. The backdrop looks real – the problem is the louvred (presumably vent) shutter to the right (which is slightly blurred, & shouldn’t be if that was a total photo shot properly). For sure, one/more of these possibles occured before publication (I don’t claim to be a photography expert, but I know a fair amount about the games one can play w/photos):

    1. Cropping (probably left side of the background pic, which may/may not have included the couple);
    2. Shutter was airbrushed in; the couple’s faces, which also are slightly blurry (look at her earring!) also look airbrushed.
    3. Bad “adman” who was on a deadline & took the best of what was gven to him.

    A professional photographer familiar w/film would be able to clue us in rather quickly about the techniques/tricks/flaws relevant to that shot. May (s)he see this & post back!

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