Beer Birthday: Alan Sprints

Today is the 57th birthday of Alan Sprints. Alan is the founder of Hair of the Dog Brewery in Portland, Oregon. Alan makes some of the most unique and wonderful beers, not just in Portland, but anywhere, all the more impressive because he brews out of an old Campbell’s soup kettle. He recently relocated the brewery, now with a tasting room, to a new location on S.E. Yamhill in Portland. And a couple of years back, he came over to our home and brewed a version of his wonderful Doggie Claws with my son Porter on his brew sculpture. Alan is simply one of the best brewers anywhere. Join me in wishing Alan a very happy birthday.

Alan pouring his beer at the Sasquatch Pro-Am Golf Tournament in 2006.

Alan standing in front of some of his aging beers, in 2007.

Alan, with Portland beer writer Fred Eckhardt, at his annual open house during OBF in 2008.

Alan Sprints from Hair of the Dog with his two Washington Cask Festival ribbons
Alan with his two Washington Cask Festival ribbons at Brouwer’s in Seattle a couple of years ago for the Keene Tasting.

Sean Paxton, the homebrew chef, my son Porter, and Alan, when he brewed a version of Doggie Claws with Porter at my house two years ago.

Toasting Fred Eckhardt earlier this year, Alan with the other founders of FredFest.


  1. Peter Rappa says


    Alan Sprints is a great guy and his brews are ono (good tasting). Sorry to miss him when he was in the islands (I was on the mainland visiting folks) Happy Birthday and hopefully many more to follow.

    Peter Rappa
    Honolulu Hawaii

  2. says

    This man is clearly a genius – – I’ve loved every single Hair of the Dog beer I’ve had. Talk about timeless, world-class beers… Happy Birthday, Alan.

  3. Tom Gilles says

    Congrats on the birthday. Your new place is great. Next time up from L.A., we will stop by again
    Tom Gilles

    p.s. This is opening weekend for the new location of my son Tom’s business in Bend – – – The Brew Shop and The Platypus Pub !

  4. Tom Gilles says

    Congratulations. Love your beers. The new place is much better than the railroad yard building ! ! ! At least the floor is level!
    Tom and Karon Gilles
    Portland native, living in Hollywood

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