Beer Birthday: Arne Johnson

marin the-cooler
Today is my friend Arne Johnson’s 52nd birthday. Arne is the head brewer at Marin Brewing in Larkspur, California. Arne makes some great beers and is a terrific person to boot. And more recently, he and some friends opened The Cooler in San Leandro. Join me in wishing Arne a very happy birthday.

Arne and me earlier today at a birthday party for a mutual friend at the Toronado.

Arne and me at the Brewer’s Dinner at GABF in 2006.

Arne relaxing with a few barleywines at the Toronado Barleywine Festival.

Rodger Davis of Triple Rock and Arne enjoy a beer out front in the warm sunshine at the Bistro’s Double IPA Festival.

Arne Johnson and Melissa Myers, formerly with Drake’s Brewing, at the Boonville Beer Festival.


  1. Ainz says

    Just like last year, I’m the only one to post a congrats comment? Ain’t got no friends, Arne? Seriously, a tip of the White Knuckle to you, my friend.

  2. Brent says

    Hilarious to see my messages that are 1 and 2 years old! I continue to say “slainte” in thy direction, Arne. Year after year, you keep making the (Eldridge) grade. Way to go.

  3. Grant Johnston says

    Hey Arne,

    46?! Wow…makes me feel my age.

    Hope to put a few pints down the old pie hole – w limburger! – soon.

    All the best,


  4. Alec Moss says

    Happy Birthday Arne. We’ve still got bottles of Vuur & Vlam to share. Should be as nicely aged as you and I are. Cheers!

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