Beer Birthday: Bruce Joseph

Bruce Joseph, who’s been at Anchor Brewery for many, many years turns 61 today. There’s a big picture of him when he was very young in the stairwell at the brewery that I see every time I’m there. He’s been doing the distilling for Anchor’s whiskey and gin for a long while now and plays bass with the Hysters (Anchor’s big band) along with the Rolling Boil Blues Band (the Celebrator beer band that’s all industry musicians). If there’s a nicer person in the beer industry, I’ve yet to meet him. Join me in wishing Bruce a very happy birthday.

On stage at the Northern California Rhythm & Blues Festival several years ago.

A self-portrait of Bruce and me at the Anchor Christmas Party in 2006.

With Melissa Myers at the Falling Rock during GABF 2007.

With Garrett Oliver at an industry event during GABF years ago.


  1. beerman49 says

    Bruce is a class act – the consummate MR MELLOW! At the Homebrew Club of the Year luncheon Sat Feb 13, his Anchor cohorts presented him w/2 cakes replete w/candles (don’t think there were 54 total on them, but who cares – the sentiment is what counts!). He’s damned good at the bass, too! May he have zillions of happy days to come!

  2. says

    Bruce might have been the first industry professional I met back in the early 80’s sometime. He has always been one of the nicest people in the beer business and willing to help any brewer who needed a few minutes of his time. Happy Birthday Bruce, it’s good to know you and I wish you many more laps around the sun.

    I raise my glass,


  3. Kim and Harry says

    Hey Bruce,

    Sure hope you have a great bday!!! You sure deserve it!!! Haven’t seen you in awhile but hope all is going well! Take care and have some great beers!!!


    Kim and Harry

  4. beerman49 says

    LOL seeing my comment from last year up top – & thank you Jay for geting rid of that captcha code BS! Tonite’s catch-up nite on past BBB’s – I promise to be more diligent the rest of the year :)

  5. Kim and Harry says

    Happy happy bday Bruce!!!!! Hope you have a great day and have lots of fun during SF Beer Week, see ya Sat. You’re a great guy and deserves lots of happiness and great beers!!!

  6. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Hey Bruce, having too much fun at SF Beer Week and the homebrew lunch today. Sorry we missed you!!!!! Bob Brewer had fun taking your place, if that’s possible!!! See ya soon we hope!!! We’ll drink some beers for you!!!

  7. Harry says

    Sorry you didn’t make it today. You’ll do anything to get out of telling the story of the copper mug won’t you??? HA!!!!! Sorry this is late, too many SF Beer Week Events! Cheers for another great you of having you in our lives!

  8. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Hey Bruce,

    Late this year too, just home from moving my mom to IL and had to get the movers to her house in Santa Rosa to pack and all that fun stuff. NOT!!!! Sure hope you had a great beerday!!!

  9. Beerman49 says

    Welcome to the sexagenerian club, Bruce! You be the “go to” guy to provide whiskey for my men & beer for my horses :)

  10. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Hope you ‘re having a great beerday Bruce!!! Long time no see, hope you’re having fun. Will toast you tonight, heck we’ll toast anything or one but especially you! Cheers!

  11. beerman49 says

    Happy first of 2 prime # b’days for the sexagenarians – ya gotta wait 6 yrs for the next, but we get 3 in our 70’s, 3 more in our 80’s. Long may we run (in the figurative sense; too hard on the legs in the literal sense given our physiques) :)

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