Beer Birthday: Bryan Selders

Today is the 42nd birthday of Bryan Selders, who is the brewmaster at Post Brewing in Colorado. Up until March of 2011, he was lead brewer of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and one-half of the hip hop duo The Pain Relievaz, before leaving the industry temporarily to do web design at Inclind. But a few years ago, he came back to brewing, which was great new for everyone who love terrific beer. I first met Bryan at Hop School in Yakima, Washington years ago and he’s a terrifically talented and fun person. Join me in wishing Bryan a very happy birthday.

Bryan with his boss Sam on picture day at the brewery.

Bryan with some of his “fans.”

The cover of the latest CD, Awesome = Yes, the Pain Relievaz Greatest Hits, available nowhere as far as I can tell. But below is Bryan and Sam in the video “Pinchin’ Pennies.”

Note: All photos purloined from Facebook.


  1. beerman49 says

    Good video – now if only Discovery Channel would get consistent with “Brewmasters” scheduling! I saw the 1st 2 episodes in Sun nite premiers, then they changed the premiere date & aren’t doing reruns (as they do incessantly on many of their other shows!). I’ve missed the 3 latest & am PO’d – there are clips of varying lengths from those on Discovery’s website. Time for beer geex worldwide to get on Discovery’s ass!

  2. Marcus D says

    They’re online if you know where to look. Hint: try googling the phrase “brewmasters s01e01 hulu”

    There are a few sites where you can watch streaming, albeit somewhat low-quality, full episodes. The first link on that search phrase worked for me, but these results pages change quickly, so YMMV.

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