Beer Birthday: Chris Black

Chris Black, who along with his brother, owns the Falling Rock, the best beer bar in Denver and HQ for beer people during GABF, turns 54 today. Chris is a great guy and one of a handful of early Publicans across the country doing things right when it came to beer, something that happily we’re seeing more of now. Join me in wishing Chris a very happy birthday.

Chris and me toward the end of the night at GABF several years ago.

Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing with Chris at the Celebrator’s 18th Anniversary Party.

Shaun O’Sullivan (21st Amendment), Judy Ashworth (Publican Emeritus) and Chris at Falling Rock during GABF in 2006.

Megan Flynn, of Beer NW & Chris Black, Owner of The Falling Rock
Megan Flynn, of the now-defunct Beer NW (later Beer West), with Chris at the end of GABF Week in 2009.


  1. Rory says

    Hey Chris, Happy Birthday!!!

    I’ve enjoyed the conversations we’ve had when I’ve been in Denver. Come hit Barclays in Oakland
    next time you’re in town & I’ll stand you a round!!

    Keep up the great work.!!!!

    • ChrisB says

      I think it’s more like were Evil Opposites, only we can’t decide on who’s the more evil one (insert diabolical Dr. Evil laugh here)…
      Actually we served together on an Association of Brewer’s board (now Brewer’s Association) the intro went as follows:
      “White, Black. Black, White.”

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