Beer Birthday: Dan Carey

Today is the 57th birthday of Dan Carey, the mad alchemist brewer of New Glarus Brewing. I first met Dan at Hop School in Yakima, Washington many years ago, but I’ve been enjoying his beers far longer than that. He’s a fellow lover of brewing history and a terrific person, as well as one of the industry’s finest brewers. Join me in wishing Dan a very happy birthday.

Dan Carey, from New Glarus, and Me
Dan and me at GABF in 2010.

Daniel Bradford & Dan Carey @ Rare Beer Tasting
Two Dans: Daniel Bradford and Dan Carey at the Rare Beer Tasting 2009 at Wynkoop.


  1. beerman49 says

    NG is one great place – went there both years I went to the Great taste of the Midwest (2010 & 11; can’t go this year, dammit!), & brought a suitcase full of their goodies back to CA w/me both times!

  2. Beerman49 says

    Can’t believe I’m the only one who’s ever posted to this one – New Glarus should be on every beer geek’s “bucket list”!! Their new brewery has a nice beer garden w/ inside adjacent tasting room for when it’s rainy/cold, a gret schwag store (their bumper stickers are some of the best in the business), & it’s an easy overniter from Chicago (with a stop in Madison going/coming; lodging’s fairly scarce in NG). “Hard Hat” Tour highly recommended – at its end, you’re able to sample 4 beers w/some good local cheeses.

    Note to “newbies”: to this site: You can buy NG brews only within WIsconsin, as NG’s capacity is maxed-out for further distribution.

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