Beer Birthday: Daniel Bradford

Today is the 66th birthday of Daniel Bradford. Until recently, Daniel was the publisher of All About Beer magazine. He’s been involved in the beer world for many a year, from the early days of GABF to the Brewers Association of America, which a few years ago merged with the Association of Brewers to become the Brewers Association. Last year, longtime employee, and former brewer, Chris Rice bought the magazine, and Daniel continues to be involved as an associate publisher. Join me in wishing Daniel a very happy birthday.

Daniel Bradford at the far left, with Amy Dalton in between Jim Koch and Rick Lyke, at a Boston Beer Brunch during GABF several years ago.

Daniel with Julie Johnson Bradford with Amy Dalton at the 2007 Craft Brewers Conference in Austin, Texas.

Daniel Bradford & Dan Carey @ Rare Beer Tasting
Daniel with Dan Carey, from new Glarus, at Rick Lyke’s Rare Beer Tasting that took place at Wynkoop during the 2009 GABF.

With Jim Cline, from Rogue, at the NBWA Convention in San Francisco 2008.


  1. says

    Thanks, Jay. Isn’t it enough that I’m heading into my sixth decade, but you have to publish such old photos when I looked a hell of a lot better than the retread I see in the mirror each morning! Come on, Jay, a little compassion.
    Thanks, Jay. A fantastic career to date largely because of working with gumbahs like you and the posse of beer writers and commentators. Thanks for the great times.

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