Beer Birthday: Dave Suurballe

Today is the 67th birthday of Dave Suurballe. Dave was a fixture in the San Francisco homebrewing and brewing community, being the president of his homebrew club and the former GM of the Toronado. Recently he was working at the Pi Bar, and then we returned once more at the Toronado to help out Dave Keene there. Unfortunately, he’s recently retired, but I want to continue to raise a toast each year on his birthday for no better reason then I know it annoys him. That’s just the kind of friend I am. Dave is one of my favorite people — and a kindred curmudgeon. So make sure you join me in wishing Dave a very happy birthday.

Dave with Dave Keene, owner of the Toronado, at GABF.

Dave with Mark Carpenter, head brewer at Anchor Brewing at a party Anchor through to celebrate the Toronado’s 20th anniversary.

Dave with his wife Honoria and Jen Garris and Rich Rosen, co-owners of the Pi Bar, at the Toronado’s Belgian Beer Lunch in 2008.

Nice photo by Mike Condie taken a few years ago at the Boonville Beer Festival, with Terence Sullivan, W. Dan Houck, Dave and me. Good times.


  1. Kim and Harry says

    Hi Dave,

    Here’s wishing you a happy bday!!!!!! Hope you have a great one! Hope to see you at the T anniversary party next weekend. We’ll drink a few this weekend in your honor!!!


  2. beerman49 says

    Welcome to the last prime # age you’ll see until 6 yrs hence! Hope your trip across the pond to GBBF was a rousing success! I’ll hoist one to you tomorrow nite @ Pizza Port Carlsbad! Had I known today was your b’day, I’d have toasted you a day early when at Toronado San Diego & Pizza Port’s newest in Ocean Beach section of SD. PROST! MJK

  3. Kim and Harry says

    Another year, add another beer! Hope you have a great one Dave. Haven’t seen you around in awhile. We’ll toast you in person next time we see you. Wondered if you went to GBBF. Our friends did and loved it. We can only dream…..but off to the Great Taste this weekend.


    Kim and Harry

  4. Ye Olde Sparkplugger says

    A wee bit late here brother, and a wee bit tipsy as well here cactus,
    but bloody fuckin’ hell, slugger…I cant’s wait till we can hoist a coupla dozen again someday my friend….

  5. beerman49 says

    I’m reading this on Dec 10 & my post from last year is still there (as was my 2010 post on Alec Moss’ b’day!)

  6. Kim and Harry says

    Have another happy bday Dave!!! Long time no see. Have to catch up over a beer sometime!!! Have a great day!!!

  7. beerman49 says

    Feliz cumpleanos to a long-time friend & fellow curmudgeon “49er”.

    Too bad Dave never took the plunge into the pro ranks – his homebrew was damned good (& still is the rare times he does it these days).

  8. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Happy Beerday Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just back from Ohio Brew Week, 4 weeks in Germany and 6 nights in Prague, exhausted but wanted to wish you a happy beerday!!!! Hope you have a great one!!! Need to meet over a beer sometime!

  9. beerman49 says

    Enjoy a few pints & a good meal wherever you may be!. I’ll be hoisting my last 22 of Greenflash Hophead Red that I brought back from SD recently to ya later on!

  10. Beerman49 says

    Welcome to the complete world of Senior Discounts! Get that Sr Clipper Card ASAP if you’ve not done so already! MJK

  11. Beerman49 says

    We oughta have a “66 @ (Elevation) 66″ co-party. Or, are you gonna do a 66 on 66 road trip driving, where legal, 66 MPH? :)

  12. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Hoppy beeerday Dave!!! Hope you have some great beers and a a fun year. Hope to see ya soon. Been awhile, will toast you tonight!!!


    Kim and Harry

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