Beer Birthday: Grant Johnston

Today is the 63rd birthday of Grant Johnston. Grant was the original brewer at Marin Brewing when it opened in 1989, and spent a number of years at Black Diamond Brewing in Concord, California. Grant was very influential in the early days of Bay Area brewing, and he’s an incredibly talented brewer. A few years ago he moved to the midwest, and these days can be found working a few days a week at the Argus Brewery in Chicago. A couple of years back, I was in Belgium at the Cantillon Brewery when in walked Grant, quite by chance, so you never know when you’re going to run into him. Join me in wishing Grant a very happy birthday.

Grant and me at GABF in 2006.

Grant (on the right) judging the 2006 Double IPA Festival in the cellar of The Bistro, with Tom Dalldorf, Vicky, our hard-working beer steward in the middle, and the Toronado’s Dave Keene in profile on the left.

First Beer In FV @ Marin Brewing 3:20:89
Brendan Moylan and Grant shortly before Marin Brewing opened in 1989.

Wild Rice Ale @ Marin's 25th
Grant and Arne Johnston brewing his Wild Rice Ale for Marin’s 25th Anniversary.

GABF Judges  1992
Grant, bottom left, among the GABF judges for the 10th anniversary of the festival in 1992.


  1. Beerman49 says

    Happy LXIst, Grant – glad to see you’ve finally made this page! Malts’ Oyster BBQ is 4/26 if you plan coming out here – we’d love to see you!

  2. grant johnston says

    Hi Jay – thanks for the birthday wish – but I won’t be 61 until February 19th. I’ll be in London again this year as usual for the 11th year running. Many real ales will be consumed…



  3. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Hi Grant,

    Miss seeing you at the Malts Oyster BBQ, might get to Chicago one of these days so maybe we can hook up. Happy Beerday!

  4. Beerman49 says

    Belated Happy LXII – Oyster BBQ this year is April 24, & most, if not all, of the usual suspects will be there; the only diff is that the price has gone up a tad because oysters have become so damned expensive – but we’ll comp you if you show up!

  5. Ed Chainey says

    Happy Birthday Grant! I’m glad to hear that you’re still brewing. I still remember that day in Alameda when the Malts met at my apartment and we met, so many years ago.

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