Beer Birthday: Harry Schuhmacher

Today is Harry Schuhmacher’s 45th birthday. Harry covers the business side of beer news at his wonderful Beer Business Daily. Our paths cross only occasionally, but I had the pleasure of getting to know Harry better during a press junket to Bavaria a few years ago, and he’s one of the warmest, thoughtful and funniest people I’ve met. And he’s a beertard, too. You can also read his occasional personal ramblings at Thanks For Drinking Beer. Join me in wishing Harry a very happy birthday.

With fellow beer writer Horst Dornbusch in Bamberg.

Harry and me enjoying a meal in the Hallertau region of Bavaria.


  1. Candice Alstrom says

    I just found this looking for Harry’s blog and nearly spit my drink out on my monitor over beertard. All these years later and it never gets old. Poor Harry will never escape it or live it down.

  2. Julie Johnson says

    The Bavaria gang rides again–or it should. Ah, fond memories of nearly getting chucked out of Schlenkerla tavern with the birthday boy and P. Reid.

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