Beer Birthday: Jeff Bell

Today is the 37th birthday of Jeff Bell, whose alter ego was, until a few years ago, Stonch, one of England’s best bloggers. He had retired from blogging to concentrate on his new job as landlord of a London pub, The Gunmakers, in Clerkenwell, a village in the heart of London. I stopped by to meet Jeff on my way back from a trip to Burton-on-Trent a few years ago. And four years back, I saw Jeff several times during GBBF week. But a couple of years back, the blogging started up again, and he moved on from that pub, and last I heard he was the landlord of the Finborough Arms in Earl’s Court, next to the Finborough Theatre. I hope I’ll get a chance to visit his new place on my next trip to London. Join me in wishing Jeff a very happy birthday.

Jeff Bell, a.k.a. Stonch, at The Gunmakers Pub in central London.

With a Gunmaker’s bartender at the British Beer Writers Guild event before the start of the Great British Beer Festival in 2009.

In front of Gunmaker’s in the summer of 2009.


    • bill says

      Used to read and love his blog. Since you’ve unmasked the Stonch when will you unmask Cooking Lager?

  1. Jos Brouwer says

    Yes, I also got notice that Jeff moved on. And being a small world, Alessio Leone was (is?) also one of the people involved with the Gunmakers. I have known Alessio from the time he still lived in Italy, but also when he worked at the Camden Brewery brewery tap.


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