Beer Birthday: Nicole Erny

Today is the 33rd birthday of Nicole Erny, a certified Master Cicerone and passionate beer lover, who used to work at The Trappist and as a “Beer Ambassador” at the CommonWealth Cafe & Public House, both in beautiful downtown Oakland. She also used to work with Ray Daniels’ Cicerone program, but recently left that position for her next adventure. Nicole and I almost worked together on a great-sounding beer project, but alas it fell apart, and she’s got plans afoot. She’s a great advocate for better beer and has more energy than any three people I know. Join me in wishing Nicole a very happy birthday.

Rodger Davis, Nicole Erny & Claudia Davis
Rodger Davis, Nicole and Claudia Davis at Triple Rock’s Sourfest during SF Beer Week in 2010.

Dan Shelton & Nicole Erny
Dan Shelton and Nicole during GABF in 2009.

Nicole Erny & Matt Brynildson Toasting the End of GABF Week
Toasting the End of GABF Week with Matt Brynildson at the Falling Rock in 2009.

A great shot for Nathan Smith and Nicole’s Beer School at The Trappist several years ago. (photo “borrowed” from Jon Weber’s Beer Obsessed, in the hopes he won’t mind.)


  1. beerman49 says

    Nicole – I’ve had mucho fun@ WCOB judging prelims w/you & stewarding your finals table – you’re an absolute joy to be around! I second my long-time buddy Ed’s comments above. May you continue to be a Bay Area brew scene star & (I hope) mentor other ladies in your age group to join the wonderful world of beer geeks!

    Can I clone you? This lifetime-single “old fart” (I turn 62 St Pat’s Day) could use some youthful rejuvenation :)

    Thanx, Jay for telling the world about this great gal!

  2. beerman49 says

    Happy bornday (as Fraggle calls it) again (Jay doesn’t dump previous years’ posts)! Enjoy a prime number year (you’ll get another @ 31, then have to wait 6 yrs for the next one). Our chance meeting on a CTA staircase in August (the stop near Revolution) was a surprise I’ll never forget … seeya @ WCOB/maybe sooner at some SF Beer Week gig.

  3. beerman49 says

    Jay – she turned 29 last year (see my comments from 2011).

    Nicole – keep on truckin’! If ever I run into you @ Elevation 66 (I’m there most M/W/F’s 4-5+ PM), I’ll cover your brew(s)..

  4. beerman49 says

    Better yet – a shot of your favorite 30-yr-old booze/glass of 30-yr-old wine/bottle of 1983 Anchor Xmas or SNCA! Happy XXXth!.

  5. Beerman49 says

    Happy 1st prime # of your 30’s! Time to try all 31 Flavors Baskin-Robbins has to offer (that’s the way they advertised when I was your age; haven’t been in one in years, even tho there’s one close to my house).

    And check this out (if you’ve not done so already):

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