Beer Birthday: Steve Donohue

Today is the 45th birthday of Steve Donohue, former brewmaster at Firehouse Grill & Brewery in Sunnyvale, California. Steve is an unsung brewer who deserves more accolades and fame. After Firehouse, He spent some time brewing at Hermitage Brewing while working on opening his own place. Steve’s brewery, Santa Clara Valley Brewing is now open and, not surprisingly, going gangbusters. Join me in wishing Steve a very happy birthday.

Steve Donohue from Firehouse Brewing
Steve at last year’s 22nd Celebrator anniversary party at the end of SF Beer Week.

Steve with Peter Cogan from the Tied House, during the 2009 Celebrator party.

Hermitage assistant brewer, Steve, Peter Licht and me during a visit to the Hermitage Brewery in San Jose a few years ago.

Pete Slosberg with Steve.

Steve Altimari, brewer at High Water Brewing, Steve and Steve Shapiro, from Beer by Bart.

Note: Last two photos purloined from Facebook, taken by Arie Litman.


  1. says

    “Steve is an unsung brewer who deserves more accolades and fame,”

    You got that right!

    Recent seasonals from Firehouse like the OTIS Imperial Stout, their Imperial Red, and Pete’s Support Belgian IPA have been excellent and overlooked. I suppose that happens when you are located in the less than glamorous Bay Area locations of Sunnyvale and East Palo Alto.

  2. Kim and Harry says

    We hope you have a wonderful bday Steve!!!! Thanks for the great tour when our Brit friends were here last month. That was one of the highlights of their trip! And Bren’s bday! Hope you have some great brews today!!!

  3. Kim and Harry says

    Hope you have another great bday! Saw you in El Toro when the Internationals were there but you were with your family so didn’t disturb you. We’ll toast a few for you!

  4. Mark Pettyjohn says

    Good day, just wanted to give you a heads up that we here at California Cafe are Featuring Steve Donohue this Thursday, April 26th for our monthly Beer Dinner series. The menu is below, but there might be a course not on the menu at California Cafe and a Beer not on the menu at Firehouse!?!

    Firehouse Brewery
    Brewmasters Dinner
    April 26Th, 2012

    First Course

    Vanilla-Grapefruit Butter, Pepper Cress
    St. Eve’s Belgesque Goldish Strong Revolutionary Ale

    Second Course

    Hefe Soaked Roast Chicken
    Banana Mole, Pickled Papaya, Crisp Plantain Chip

    Third Course

    Wild Mushroom Risotto, Blackberry-Liquorice Demi
    Brendan’s Irish Stout

    Dessert Course

    Hardly Glazed Plums
    Pine Nut-Prune Chutney, Honey-Cinnamon Sabayon
    Hardly Thomas Barley Wine

    $45 per person exclusive of taxes & gratuities

  5. Kim and Harry Graham says

    Happy beerday Steve! Love going to your brewery, always great beers on tap!! Keep them up and we’ll keep coming!

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