Beer Birthday: Tim Clifford

Today is the 45th birthday of Tim Clifford, brewmaster and owner of Sante Adairius Rustic Ales, in Capitola, California, which is near Santa Cruz. Tim’s a longtime homebrewer and worked for Williams Brewing and also 7 Bridges for many years, and continue to be on the board of the Santa Cruz co-op. Although originally a history major, Tim’s passion went off in a different direction, happily, and he opened Sante Adairius in 2011, making some incredible and unique beers. Join me in wishing Tim a very happy birthday.

Jessie Friedman and Tim at the SF Beer Week opening gala in 2014.

Me and Tim enjoying some hop tea, while picking hops at Moonlight Brewing’s hopyard in 2007.


  1. Leslie Patiño says

    Tim doesn’t know me, but I know his beers and Sante Adairius. They are definitely worth a 45-mile trip.
    Leslie Patiño, Monterey, CA

  2. Beerman49 says

    I’ve been there once & loved it – good beer & fun crowd, & you can “double dip” (which I didn’t), as there’s a winery next door to it. Definitely worth a visit, but there are only 2 routes in, one of which involves cutting through the trailer park that’s behind it. I recommend taking the Park St exit from 1 to Kennedy (just after you cross under if coming north; almost immediately if coming south); if you exit @ Bay/Porter (which GPS/Google maps/Mapquest might advise), you’ll have to do the trailer park zig-zag, which the residents of surely don’t want (dunno if the park’s posted restrictions), or another side street convolution.

    Here’s their website link:

  3. Kim and Harry Graham says

    We love it too!!!! Great beers and brewers. Wish we could get there more often! Happy beerday Tim!

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