Beer Birthday: Tom Dalldorf

Today is Celebrator publisher Tom Dalldorf’s 75th birthday. Since he’s famous for having his picture in the Celebrator and being at every beer event, I figured the Bulletin should be no different, despite his slowing down a bit these days. Join me in wishing Tom a very happy birthday.

Tom at the Celebrator anniversary party in 2007.

Raising a toast with Full Sail brewer John Harris.

Huddling up with the owner’s of Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia, Fergie and Tom.

Mine’s bigger. Russian River’s Vinne Cilurzo with Tom in D.C.

Looking like a deer caught in the headlights at the roast I threw for Tom when he turned sixty. That’s Stephen Beaumont on the left and me on the right.

At Boonville, taking the Rubicon kegerator bike for a spin.


  1. Thomas Dalldorf says

    Who is the fat asshole in the cowboy hat? Oh, that’s me. Nevermind.

    The dude next to Sharon is Steve ???? who did security for GABF. Jeff is way uglier.

    Happy Bloomsday, June 16, the day Harold Bloom made his infamous wander throught Dublin in 1904 documented in the incomprehensible Ulysses fueled by the red-black brew of increasingly less consiquence called Guinness.

  2. Lucy says

    Hoppy Beer & Best Born On Day! raising a glass of weiss to your health & hope to see you on the beer trail soon!

  3. Rancid says

    And to think, I knew him I knew him waaaaay before his beer-geek days. What does that make me? Happy Birthday Tom!!

  4. beerman49 says

    Drink a toast to the renowned beer geek just turned septugenarian & may the Celebrator live forever!

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