Beer In Ads #1009: A Glass Of Mellow Beer Or Ale!

Wednesday’s ad is from 1941, and was for the United States Brewers Foundation, a trade group. Showing two couples bowling with the catchy tagline “Right down their alley … a glass of mellow beer or ale!” Take a look at the guy with the pipe walking by in the background. He looks like he’s checking out the ladies as he’s carrying a pair of beer bottles past their alley.



  1. beerman49 says

    Horridly clueless artwork (save for the guy carrying the brews ogling the gals)!! Let me (who bowled for 40+ yrs) LMAO (as would have any competent bowler of that era on seeing that ad) whilst counting the ways:
    1. Everyone’s somewhat over-dressed (no sane man would bowl in long sleeves w/a tie on, even w/sleeves & collar loosened & tie clipped to his shirt!);
    2. The bowler seems to be missing a finger on his right hand, has his sliding foot lifted, & looks to have released the ball with his hand on top (TERRIBLE FORM!);
    3. The benches are too close to & partially atop the approach – WRONG!; and
    4. The scoring table NEVER would have been atop the approach.

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