Beer In Ads #1059: Bud Sailing

Thursday’s ad is for Budweiser, from either the 1950s or early sixties. Showing two couples sailing, well one of them is, while everybody’s drinking bottles of Budweiser. I always thought bottles weren’t allowed on boats; shouldn’t they be drinking from cans? But I love this copy. “An off-shore breeze, cool spray on your face, the swirl of water slushing in her wake. On sailing days like this, you’ll find Budweiser an ever welcome addition to your crew. Lift its foaming, bubbling goodness to your lips and each sip will tell you ….”



  1. Brewtopia says

    Looking at the can pictured in the ad, it appears this ad is from the 40’s. Budweiser used the gold can with the eagle on it then. It could the very early 50’s but definitely not 60’s


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