Beer In Ads #1108: Hallucinating Jazz Bands

Thursday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1958. It’s seedy, steamy setting of seduction. A sultry, well-made up, siren lies on a shag carpet, cigarette in hand, its smoke wafting into the air. Using an LP (remember those, kiddies?) for a pillow, she glances up to see a bottle of beer being poured into a glass for her. She’s apparently hallucinating, too, as a jazz band can be seen floating in the air just above the radio/stereo system behind her head. Does that mean she’s had quite enough to drink already, despite being poured another? Frankly, I think she looks a bit too much like Agnes Moorehead from her later years, circa “Endora” from Bewitched.



  1. lonndoggie says

    Remember LPs? I still buy ’em.

    And that’s a Columbia six-eye there, potentially a collectible item–but probably not after all that hair spray, mascara, drool and possibly vomit (I’m projecting how this is going to go, what with her already drunk, seeing things and having another bad beer) that it is being subjected to.


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