Beer In Ads #2185: Heineken Refreshes A Bird

Sunday’s ad is for Heineken, from 1981. In the later 1970s, Heineken embarked on a series of ads with the tagline “Heineken Refreshes the Parts Other Beers Cannot Reach.” Many of the ads were in a sequential panel, or comic strip, format and they were intended to be humorous.

In this ad, a three-panel format, a bird flies up to a beer can, and in the second panel perches on the can. After pecking the can open and taking a sip, I suppose he’s supposed to look transformed. But I confess for this one, the bird doesn’t really look different from the previous two panels. He may look a little happier — he does appear to be smiling — but is otherwise unchanged.



  1. JD Doyle says

    I think the Panels show the Bird Opening the Pop Top and it’s the Beer Can rather than the Bird that’s transformed.

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