Beer In Ads #2332: Morale, There’s Mary In Her New Fall Hat

Sunday’s ad is by the Brewing Industry Foundation, from 1942, part of a series of ads the beer industry undertook during World War 2 under the title “Morale is a Lot of Little Things.” It was one of the first concerted efforts by the brewing industry after they were getting back on their feet after prohibition finally ended around a decade before. The series tried to show support for the troops and help with morale at home. And it must have worked, because the campaign won awards at the time. In this ad, Joe (presumably her fella) was smart enough to compliment Mary about her new hat, which was one of the little things that made a big difference to her, and improved her morale, just like how “millions of Americans attach a special value to their right to enjoy a refreshing glass of beer or ale.”



  1. Scoats says

    It would interesting to figure out when “beer & ale” became a thing rather than lager & ale.

    Old PA brewery ads often mention they brewed beer, ale & porter. Looks like calling lager “beer” was a national thing as of 1942,

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