Beer In Ads #463: Make It Pabst … While The Sun Shines

Wednesday’s ad is for Pabst, from 1936. It’s actually for Pabst Export Beer and specifically in the “Original Pabst TAPaCan.” I’m not quite sure about that slogan, “Make It Pabst … While The Sun Shines.” The ad copy refers to Pabst when it’s sunny as “a cool safe drink.” Also, at the bottom of the ad, there’s also another product being advertised: “Old Tankard Ale,” whatever that is.

pabst 8-26-1936


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    Pabst brewed ales in the post-Repeal era and claimed to have built the largest US ale brewery at it’s Peoria, IL site in 1934. The first was simply called “Blue Ribbon Ale” with “Old Tankard Ale” coming a few years later (probably just a re-branding) and was still being brewed and marketed into the 1970’s- by which time it was an not particularly hoppy “US golden ale”.

    It was even revived in the S&P/Pabst-ownership era in the early 1990’s and sounds as if it may have been the same beer as Ballantine India Pale Ale, brewing of which had by then moved to the Milwaukee brewery before disappearing after that brewery was closed.

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