Beer In Ads #49: Buffalo Brewing’s Bison Riding Native

Monday’s ad is for Buffalo Brewing, a Sacramento, California brewery that opened in 1890, in honor of the first day of Sacramento Beer Week. Though I can’t be sure, my guess is it’s from around the turn of the last century, when vague art and beautiful, often naked or scantily clad, women were all the rage — not like in the more enlightened future of today.



  1. says

    Dear beer drinkers of the world! Unite!! We are more enlightened today that back then. Like me, I’m sure you do not think animal abuse in advertisements is good, but when animals are fetishized in sexual context, like this poor buffalo, I feel hopeless that any mass paradigm shift regarding the rights of animals as intrinsically valuable sentient individuals will actually take place. As most truths hidden from the American public, animal abuse is often graphic and disturbing. The question is not why do I spend some of my free time working on behalf of animals; the question is why everyone else doesn’t. I‘ve thought about this a great deal. Usually, once educated, most people agree that circuses are terrible to and for elephants and that the American agribusiness corporate intensive farming systems are disgusting. But the frustration felt for animal rights activists (ARAs) is why people refuse to change their habits. Why do people continue to eat meat? How is it possible that Ringling Brothers continues to sale tickets to their anachronistic horror shows? People do not get involved; people cannot be troubled. And I think I may have a small idea as to why. Often, people are simply embarrassed to stand out and to stand up for helpless animals. Some may fear getting chided by friends or being labeled as an “animal nut.” It is unfortunate that some well meaning animal activists have given a pejorative interpretation to the term ARA, but it remains that animals are suffering and we must do what we can to ease their pain and make their lives as good as possible.

    After this rant, I need a beer.

  2. Laura says

    We saw the “Bison Riding Native” print at the Wild West Museum in Union IL and thought it was really cool. When I looked for a print I can’t find anyone who sells it. Do you know anywhere we could buy even a small print? We have a lot of authentic native american items and it would complement our decor.

    • Jerry says

      That particular litho was from 1908. That exact picture was taken from the 1901 Worlds Fair in Buffalo New York. Many of the souviners showed the same picture. I do have a exact print of the 1908 litho that was made in the late 1960’s

  3. patricia howlett says

    I have this exact lithograph, about 27″ x 20″. How can I find out the value, if any? And how does one know an original form a reprint, or even a reprint of a reprint?

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