Beer In Ads #509: Brewed With Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water

Thursday’s ad is for Coors, from 1977 — the year I graduated from high school. Showing a pilsner glass by a mountain stream, I love their suggestion. “Refrigerate to retain brewery fresh flavor.” Did people really need to be told that? I know Coors’ has been cold-obsessed for a long time, but were there people who were unaware that beer should be stored cool? Certainly we knew it in our household. My parents had a second refrigerator in the basement that always had beer in it, along with overflow from the upstairs kitchen refrigerator.



  1. The Professor says

    Apparently they aren’t as obsessed about it anymore, judging from the warm cases of Coors I always see at the retailers. LOL.

  2. Mike tatum says

    Still drink it. But the label no longer says brewed with PURE Rocky Mountain spring water, just Rocky Mountain water. ??????

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