Beer In Ads #625: Cairns Take Home Draught

Friday’s ad is for the Australian brand, Cairns. The ad looks to me eye to be from the 1960s or 70s. The “take home Draught” and “Brewery Bottled” seem almost quaint now but were probably a new angle at that time.



  1. beerman49 says

    Now we buy growlers @ brewpubs; pre-prohibition, folks took buckets to breweries/bars; thus the old song line, “my bucket’s got a hole in it, & I ain’t got no beer”.

    Since the 60’s, the only botlled/canned “drafts” I can recall (not counting the nitro-ball stuff that Guinness, Boddington’s, et alii put on the market 10-15 yrs ago) are Ballantine (first saw it late 60’s early 70’s), & the ubiquitous MGD (which first hit a couple years after Miller Lite took off, exactly when, I can’t remember, as I never drank Miller products, except when there was nothing else available). I suspect that other regional breweries may have done so in the 60’s & 70’s – maybe some of the older “boomers” in the audience can enlighten us more (something is tweaking the back of my mind that Piels of NY had a canned “draft”).

  2. Paul says

    I think there is a difference between ‘draught’ & ‘draft’ Millers draft is a reference to the beer being cold filtered and unpasteurised whereas draught a la nitro is designed to taste and feel like it came from a tap.

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