Beer In Ads #627: Party Time … Anytime!

Tuesday’s ad is for the Canadian beer O’Keefe’s and specifically their Old Vienna. I’m not sure when it’s from, though the 1950s seems a safe bet. The tagline, “reach for an Old Vienna” is being acted out as an unseen hand passes a case of beer over the head of the woman of the house as her husband reaches out to take possession. Her expression is priceless, her lips purse in alarm perhaps worrying that the case will be dropped on her head or ruin the salad she’s holding in her hands. Now that’s “party time … anytime!” Oh, and does that kitchen background look fake? Look closely at the window.



  1. Pliny the Elder says

    In 1968 I spent a few weeks in Canada touring livestock exhibitions taking care of some Herefords my boss was showing. During that time I had a marvelous time drinking what I recall was O’Keefe’s Double Century Stout? Maybe TOO good a time as I see it’s now called just plain Double Stout.

  2. beerman49 says

    I think the whole scene is hand-painted, w/text overlay – the window is cartoonish, & the blurred kitchen background would be clearer in a photo. However, the narrow tie on the gent makes me think early 60’s.

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