Beer In Ads #642: Yankee Doodle Pabst

Tuesday’s ad is from 1976, a bicentennial Pabst Blue Ribbon sticker showing two fife players and a drummer drumming on a glass of beer. I’m not sure why they’re dressed like Superman or have capes or all have mustaches, but they do look patriotic. Happy Independence Day tomorrow!



  1. Mattie Smith says

    These posters are so much fun! PBR put out so many of them from various different periods in time, its interesting to look at the styles from different decades. Have you seen some of the other Pabst Blue Ribbon vintage posters published in Evan Metropoulos’ tumblr account? There is one with a similar character in “Superman” garb with “Cool Blue” on his costume and another poster that is from 1939 and is celebrating turning “21” with Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    Photo link To Evan Metropoulos Tumblr page:

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