Beer In Ads #731: Let’s Get Together

Tuesday’s election day ad is for Budweiser, from 1952. But the stubborn postures and acrimonious stares on the two political mascots are as recognizable today as they apparently were sixty years ago. Even though politics seem more divisive today than ever before, maybe there were always this bad? I don’t know if Budweiser has the power to get us all together, but perhaps craft beer?


The same artwork was also used in another ad, with a different headline, “Keep Cool.” Given that the two political mascots are sitting on a block of ice, it seems likely that this may have actually been the earlier or original ad.



  1. beerman49 says

    I was only 3 in 1952, & Jay was a figment of his parents’ imagination then, but I agree with his assessment of the ads’ order because of the mesages within them. I know little about the election dynamics of Ike beating Truman, but I presume Harry was the “attack dog”, given their personalities. My late dad theorized that in 1948, Truman beat Dewey lost because his small mustache reminded too many of Hitler.

    However, in 1952, there were far more moderates/moderate-progressives & fewer extremists in both parties than there are today. Since Reagan sold out to Pat Robertson & that ilk, Repub moderates have become a dying breed. The Tea-baggers, & their “no new taxes” mantra that Bush Sr had to give up are pretty much a single-agenda bunch that never learned the art of compromise.

    I hope the Congressional Repubs paid attention to both Romney’s concession speech & Obama’s “olive branch” last nite (for sure House Speaker Boehner did, if we can believe what he said toda) – it’s time to bring civility & compromise back to Congress – they oughta have chew (the fat) & (enjoy a) brew chill-outs one Friday a month.

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