Beer In Ads #778: Loyal Greetings

Wednesday’s ad is for the UK brand Double Diamond, which was originally owned by Allsop, but is now part of the Carlsberg dynasty. The ad’s tagline, “Loyal Greetings from the brewers of Double Diamond,” and shows their cartoon mascot propping himself up, high into the air, on beer bottles so that he can better see the passing parade. As for when the ad is from, the bottom offers a clue. The phrase found there, “A Double Diamond Works Wonders,” was used during the 1970s. I assume there was some sort of royal ta-do going on.



    • says

      Oh, nice bit of detective work there. I didn’t realize they were using the “works wonders” phrase that far back. Somewhere along the line I read it wasn’t until the 1970s that they used that phrase. Obviously that’s not true, and the coronation would have been the biggest wingding of the decade.

  1. beerman49 says

    “Double Diamond” has been a slot machine name for a long time (& there are “triple” versions) – wonder if Carlsberg will pick up on this & cut a deal w/the mfr &/or casinos). Viewpoint of a cynical observer of today’s capitalism – :)

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