Beer In Ads #813: At The Peak Of Flavor

Friday’s ad is for Blatz Pilsener Beer, probably from the 1940s. I’m guessing that because in the bottom righthand corner of the ad, it says “Brewing Better Beer for the 97th Year.” And depending on what year they’re using for when Blatz started — it could be 1850 or 1851 or even 1846 — that would put it at 1943, 1947 or 1948. I’m not entirely sure why there’s a bucket of bottles and a spilling bucket of blackberries, except that’s probably the freshness angle, for hat great tagline: “At the Peak of Flavor.” It must be working, because I’m certainly thirty just looking at the ad. Although there’s a part of me that will certainly be disappointed when the beer does not have a hint of blackberries in the flavor when I taste it.


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