Beer In Ads #816: Sailing One-Handed

Tuesday’s ad features Budweiser from, probably, the 1950, wich I say for no better reason than the can shown in the ad predates the pull-tab, which debuted in 1962. Oddly enough, everyone on the small sailing ship whose hands can be seen is holding a beer bottle in one hand, meaning they’re all sailing one-handed, which I imagine is no easy task.



  1. beerman49 says

    That’s gotta be from the early 50’s or before; I don’t ever remember seeing Bud in gold cans when growing up in Fresno; this is one for a can collector to answer more precisely.

    As for the sailing part, the guy in the foreground has his hand on the tiller, but none of the other 3 are doing anything but enjoying the ride. The other guy’s in the best spot to head below to puke/empty his bladder :)

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