Beer In Ads #821: It’s Beer As Beer Should Taste

Tuesday’s ad is for Rheingold Beer, from 1951, and features Miss Rheingold from that year, Elise Gammon. She’s riding up front on a boat, along with a dog, and waving to an unseen audience. I do love the tagline though; “It’s beer as beer should taste.”



  1. Scoats says

    It’s a shame they don’t make ads like that anymore. It was definitely effective on me. It got me to stop and look at. Note to self “pretty girl + dog = effective ad”.

    Two interesting things, 1) girl, dog, boat, but no beer, 2) did anyone care what Elsie Gammon had to say.

  2. Beerman49 says

    Scoats – either the dog drank all the beer, or it’s stashed aboard already; not to mention the illustrator’s not realizing that there are walkways btwn the slips – the proportions are hella wrong!

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