Beer In Ads #906: Barbecue-In

Monday’s ad is for Falstaff, from 1960. With the curious tagline “Barbecue-In,” I guess the idea is that they’re grilling the meat inside, rather than having a backyard barbecue. I can’t tell of the snowy background is the actual outdoors behind them or if that’s a faux wallpaper meant to look like it.



  1. beerman49 says


    1. That’s definitely outside – I doubt anyone had a bricked-in BBQ pit in the kitchen. I think the ad’s copy writer goofed – it should have read “Barbecue-in’ “.

    2. I’ve been to a house on the southern side of Seattle which has a clear view of Mt. Rainier from the outside deck (the hosue doesn’t have the brick bbq, tho); the immediate background also looks like water, which would be true for Seattle, & where Falstaff probably was sold back then (it was the Giants’ radio sponsor back then, & the Giants had a AAA farm team in Tacoma – the park, which is still there, but which I’ve never been to, is a 10,000-seat Candlestick look-alike)

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