Beer In Ads #911: Is This Something Special?

Monday’s ad is for Ballantine Ale, from the 1950s, I believe. To the question “Is This Something Special?” a couple of men sitting on a sofa at a dinner party, the other answers. “It certainly is … that’s Ballantine Ale.” I sure miss dressing up every time a few friends come over for a beer. Oh, wait. That never happened. But that would be special, wouldn’t it.



  1. Gary Gillman says

    You can still buy green bottles of Ballantine XXX that look very similar to those pictured in this period ad. I get mine in NYC grocery stores, usually they are on the bottom shelf, but taste no less good for that.

    I wonder if contemporary ads ever bruited Ballantine India Pale Ale?

    And when will that legend be revived…?


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