Beer In Ads #921: Beer Is The Pure Temperance Drink

Monday’s ad is for the Peter Doelger Brewing Co., from 1916. Peter Doelger was a New York brewery founded in 1859. It returned after prohibition ended, but quickly closed in 1937. The ad is just a couple of years before prohibition and shows how, right up to the end, many breweries were trying to convince people that hard liquor was the problem and, as their tagline says, “BEER is the PURE TEMPERANCE drink.” It didn’t work.



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    The Peter Doelger Brewing Co. closed their NYC brewery during Prohibition and then their short-lived Brooklyn brewery in the mid-’30s, but went on to buy the former Peter Hauck brewery in Harrison, NJ (just across the river from Newark) and stayed open until 1947, brewing Peter Doelger First Prize Beer and other brands.

    After that, the company evolved into a large NYC based real estate firm, and in the 50’s bought into the Hampden and Harvard breweries in MA (which eventually merged).

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