Beer In Ads #951: Tommy Henrich, Athlete-of-the-Year

Friday’s ad is again for Pabst Blue Ribbon, also from 1950. This one features New York Yankee Tommy Henrich, who apparently was named Athlete-of-the-Year that year. He’s showing off his World Series home run ball, from what series I have no idea. Given the look on his face, it’s probably a good thing he’s sharing a PBR so his guest can endure his tall tales.



  1. The Duke of Dunkel says

    1949 World Series, game 1, game winning solo shot of Vic Raschi of the Dodgers in the bottom of the 9th. This was the first game-ending home run in world series history, and the Yankees went on to win the series four games to one (much like Kirk Gibson’s Dodgers would in 1988).

    C’mon Jay, isn’t this common knowledge?

  2. beerman49 says

    And he was gone by the time Mantle joined the Yanks in ’51 (year 3 of the Yanks’ 5 consecutive WS victories (Philly in ’50; GIants in ’51; Dodgers in ’52 & 53). In 1954, the Yanks won 103 games & finished 2nd (akin to the Giants doing the same & finishing 2nd to Atlanta in NL West in 1993) Cleveland won 111, then the Giants swept them in the WS.

    Dunkel Duke: the ’88 Dodgers were the biggest “horseshoe up the ass” team since the 1960 Pirates & ’54 Giants -3 yrs when the decidedly inferior “on paper” team won. ’88 Dodgers got lucky as hell to beat the better Mets in the NLCS.

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